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Make your bookings for Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua through Central America Travel Service your tour operator. We are based in San Jose Costa Rica , our staff are local experts with first hand knowledge of the countries, hotels, tours, roads, etc. They will plan your perfect customized vacation package and do all the work for you, so you wont have to lift a finger.

Just come and relax!!! In addition we do not charge commission for our services, our prices are the same as hotels, tours, and car rental´ s will give you.

Below are some facts that tell you why you should come to Costa Rica. Travel around this beautiful country and start enjoying a unique adventure.
We offer you a great variety of tours and packages: surfing, fishing, adventures, ecology honeymoon, and more…

Costa Rica, is considered as “Switzerland of the Americas,” famous for its Natural Beauty, lush Rainforests and Cloud Forest, majestic Volcanoes, unforgettable Adventures, Jungle Trails, endless miles of dramatic Pacific Coastline and tranquil Caribbean Beaches, thousands of species of Wildlife.

Costa Rica also has a weather averaging 72 degrees all year round.

Ideal for Nature Lovers, Costa Rica has countless ways to commune with the great Outdoors. It has over 10,000 kinds of Flowering Plants, 850 Bird species, 3,000 Butterfly species and 209 Mammal species.

Costa Rica offers an array of exciting activities like Surfing, White-Water Rafting, Deep-Sea Fishing, Snorkeling, Bird Watching, and Hiking. Or you just might want to Relax and Soak in Natural Springs heated by an active Volcano coupled with a Massage and Volcanic Mud Wrap.

Thrill Seekers can fly through Zip Lines on Canopy Tours, peer into boiling Volcanoes, Surf oversized Waves, Scuba Dives with Dolphins and Whales. Or you can always simply Lounge in a Hammock and enjoy the Pure Life, or PURA VIDA.

Not only Costa Rica is the world’s fastest growing destination for Adventure and Nature Travel, but also one of the producers of World’s Best Gourmet Coffee. There is no need to worry about the language because English is widely spoken in Tourist areas and Warm Hospitality waits at every turn.