Couples who want to do something different without sacrificing the utmost in creature comforts love being surrounded by the incredible natural beauty at every step.

There are plenty of exotic adventures to be shared every day. You can take them at your own pace or purchase a honeymoon package that includes an array of unforgettable adventures.

Picture yourselves enjoying the antics of tropical birds and monkeys in their natural habitat, watching butterflies as big as your fist, soaring over the canopy of a tropical rain forest, gazing into the crater of a live volcano, or windsurfing on spectacular waves. Great golf, snorkeling, surfing, and other sports are also part of the picture.

Those who want to just relax on the sand can choose their spots on pristine Pacific or Caribbean beaches that have plenty of room to spare. It is this plethora of choices that make Costa Rica a great value that is in the process of being discovered by honeymooners from throughout the world.

Costa Rica is living proof that some of the world' s best things come in small packages. Central America's most peaceful country, it is about the size of West Virginia and 1/3 of it is nature preserves so you can be sure that your surroundings will be especially breathtaking. To make things even better, all of this beauty is easy to reach from major US gateways such as Miami, New York, Houston and Dallas.

Most couples spend a few hours in San Jose, the capital, then take off for the interior where wildlife refuges, biological preserves and jungle flora and fauna abound. Even though most hotels are off the beaten track, they offer more than "all the comforts of home and more” in unforgettable jungle, mountain and seaside settings.

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