National Parks
Coco Island National Park
Conservation area Other areas
Location & Size Pacific Ocean, 532 Km S.W. of Costa Rica. The national park has: 2, 400 Ha. (Terrestrial) and 97,235 Ha. (Maritime).
Fauna 85 species of birds (3 endemic): the endemic species are Coco Island finch, Coco Island flycatcher and Coco Island cuckoo. Sea birds are abundant. Mammals: Felines, white-tailed deer, pigs and goats. Reptiles: 2 endemic lizards can be found within the Park Insects: 351 species (65 endemic). There are also 3 species of spiders. Marine fauna: 57 crustaceans, 118 sea mollusks and over 200 fish species, among them: hammerhead sharks, white-tipped sharks, parrot fish, tuna and manta rays.
Flora Evergreen forest and Cloud forest (Iglesias Peak) with 235 plant species (70 endemic) identified, such as: cupey, huriki, Euterpe macrospadix palm (endemic), ferns, bromeliads, selaginellas, etc. Marine plant life: 18 coral species.
Description Island of volcanic origin located off the western coast of Costa Rica and famous among treasure hunters as it is believed that famous pirate treasures have been buried on this island. Due to the landscape of the island, there are many spectacular waterfalls that plunge into the sea and a large number of underwater caves are found. The Isla del Coco is a land of great beauty and a real laboratory for the studies of nature. We can find ferns, "bromelias", rivers, ravines and waterfalls; the valleys, sheers and islets are visit by infinity of sea birds and is also a place where sea gulls and "bobo" birds nests. The park counts with several programs. The Protection Program watch for the fulfillment of the conservation of the natural resources laws, keeping a right balance of the ecosystems of the island inside the sea and land limits. Another function is to watch for the security of national and foreign tourists that visit the island. The Administration Program proposes the planning of all the labors of the park in a short and middle period. The Monitor and Investigation program propose to set the bases for the development of scientific investigation in the area and incentive it according to the park priorities. Finally, the Public Use Program, which objective is to make conscious in the groups dedicated to the fishing activity, about the importance to preserve endanger populations of sea organisms of commerce use.
Importance The Island is known as a natural laboratory for the study of the evolution of the species. Its extremely rainy, about 7.000 mm p/year and its cover with an always green forest, which presents a cloudy condition in the Iglesias Hill, at 634 metes over sea level. The topography is very broken, giving place to many waterfalls, some of which fall in an spectacular way to the sea from a great height. The cost is very irregular, it has many sheers from about 183m of height and a lot of underwater caves. The turquoise blue sea is of an extraordinary transparence. The pilot Joan Cabezas discovered this island in 1526 and since 1556 could be found in the Nicolas Desliens planisphere with the name of Isla del Coco. During the VXII and VXIII centuries was used as a refuge for the pirates a long the Pacific coasts of Spain America. According to the legends valuable treasures were hidden, like the Lima, that consist of tons of gold and silver, gold metal plates that covers the churches domes; William Davies treasure was hidden in 1684 and the Benito "Bloody Sword" Bonito in 1819. An always green forest, compact and dense, covers the irregular island of 2.400 hectares, frequently cloudy and hit by heavy rain.

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