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A short jaunt south of Limón, on the South Caribbean Coast, the town of Cahuita personifies relaxation. Its laid-back vibe and gentle pace offer a nice break from the bustle of nearby Puerto Viejo. Originally known as “The Bluff”, Cahuita was settled in 1828 as a fishing village and has slowly grown since. Travelers are drawn to the black sand beaches, coral-lined shores and its amazing national park.

Several new hotels and businesses are popping up and a few of the central streets were recently paved. The village is made up of a tightly knit group of Ticos and ex-pats, many of whom own local businesses. Several tour companies in town offer excursions including snorkeling trips to living coral reefs, horseback riding, hikes in Cahuita National Park and glass-bottomed boat tours. Visitors can enjoy coconut-based Caribbean dishes, or dine at one of several restaurants featuring seafood and fusion cuisine.

Bicycles can be rented from many hotels and are a pleasant way of getting around town. As hotels, beaches and the national park are in close proximity, walking is another popular option; there is no real need for a car.

Cahuita is a relaxing paradise some 43 km south of Puerto Limon. A stunning black sand beach town with warm calm waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling, Cahuita sits just south of the Cahuita National Park. Among the most visited national parks in Costa Rica, the Parque Nacional Cahuita offers tourists not just great beaches, but a lush coastal rainforest and some fabulous coral reef to explore and discover.

A fantastic place to relax away, Cahuita’s popularity is rapidly increasing as its neighboring town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is fast becoming Costa Rica’s top party destination. With a number of hotels, local sodas and restaurants in town, Cahuita has plenty to offer in the way of spending some quiet tranquil time alone or with a loved one.

The beaches here are picture perfect with trails leading from here into a coastal forest nearby. Within walking distance of town, these beaches are an excellent place to chill out. For those who want to do some more touring, there is a well maintained butterfly garden nearby as well. The Mariposario de Cahuites is a great place to unwind amid brightly colored gorgeous butterflies. Detailed tours are offered of the garden in a variety of languages.

For those who are interested in just spending their time at the beach, there is plenty to do out here. Snorkeling is at its best during the months of March to May and September to December. With a number of dive rental shops in the area as well, you should find no problems here exploring the spectacular underwater coral reef. A great place to go swimming is Playa Negra, which sits on the northwest end of Cahuita. If you like, you can also go sportsfishing off the coast to catch a wide array of fish.

Cahuita has beautiful sandy beaches lined with verdant rain forest trees. This wonderful little Caribbean town hosts unhurried parades of slow pedestrian traffic, parted occasionally by old fashioned bicycles; second hand cars, or tourism buses. Our laid back village boasts an eclectic mix of cultural traditions, daytime activities, breathtaking sceneries, dusty gravel streets even warm people. Cahuita locals speak a curious dialect called “Patua ” ; it combines French, Spanish and English words. We offer cozy Cahuita hotels located close to fantastic shores or surrounded by rainforest. Come breathe fresh sea air, encounter lush vegetation, gently swaying palm trees plus rich exotic wildlife. Stay at Cahuita Costa Rica hotels; experience food, style, taste and flair of Cahuita culture. Plan your itinerary details with us. We assure you a truly unique experience.
Province: Limon
Zone: Cahuita
 Located in a National Park
 Mountain Biking
 Horseback Riding
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