Turubari Tropical Park

TURUBARI is an Eco-adventure oriented theme park offering premium quality one day tours such as the famous canopy tour, the rain forest aerial tram tour, the tropical park tour, the horseback ride tour, the sensational cable tour and much more.

It has a total extension of 583 acres in a beautiful scenery, surrounded on the northeast by the Río Grande de Tárcoles, to the southwest by the Turrubares Hillsides and the Carara National Park. To the west, by the Gulf of Nicoya, which you can see from the highest elevation areas.

…you will discover Nature, Sports & Adventure Entertainment in 583 acres of land and ancient mountains, strategically designed to meet excellence towards our country ecological goals.
● Amazing Heliconias, Bamboo, Bromeliads, Orchids & Butterfly Gardens, together with more than 300 species between wild plants, flowers and ancient trees contained in almost 12 km of well-designed and safe mountain trials.
● 150 birds species share their habitat within our park, and of course, sharing their wonderful singing melodies and colorful plumage with all those who get involved in this magical journey to TURUBARI, COSTA RICA.
● Besides, there is an excellent river view full of wild aquatic birds and 9 feet long Crocodiles, visible from our exclusive 10 mts high Riverside Balcony.
● Finally, our swimming pool with an exclusive design like a Mountain Oasis, build in the middle of the mountain under ancient trees and containing nothing else than mountain water, and of course, 3 large restaurants with home made food and locally grown fruit beverages.
● We designed this Park thinking in the family entertainment, where even the elders can enjoy peacefully. Definitely, TURUBARI fulfills the circle where excitement, nature awareness and comfort get together for you to choose.

City: Orotina
Province: Alajuela
Zone: Jaco, Puntarenas, Herradura, Hermosa Beach, Alajuela / Airport, San Jose, Greater San Jose, Escazu
Prices from: $10-$50


 Horseback Riding

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